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Surface Pattern Design

80s/90s inspired squiggles

This month is all about color crush. I’ve created a series of abstract patterns, like these squiggles inspired by the 80s and 90s. I think I’ll stick to this style for a while, love it so much!

How do you like it so far? The squiggles could be great for baby apparel. I personally love the lavender one the most.

Squiggles Yellow Baby Apparel Surface Pattern Design Lotta Lorier

Squiggles Yellow

Squiggles Lavender Baby Apparel Surface Pattern Design Lotta Lorier

Squiggles Lavender

Squiggles Pink Baby Apparel Surface Pattern Design Lotta Lorier

Squiggles Pink

Squiggles Blue Baby Apparel Surface Pattern Design Lotta Lorier

Squiggles Blue


Water Color Splash Patterns

New year, new chances.. Last year I discovered that being a fulltime surface pattern designer is my ultimate dream. This year I will try to get as far as possible on this journey.

I’ve started the year with the intention to create as many patterns as possible and to try out as many different styles so that I will eventually find my own unique signature style!

Right now I am really into abstract water color splashes in different color schemes. I designed the first one for this week Spoonflower Design Challenge. I absolutely love the saturated colours and the white space.

The second one I designed for the Stoff’n Design Challenge, where seven specific colours had to be included. I love the burgundy background!

With the last two I have really fallen in love. These are exactly the colours I love and that are featured around my home. Seeing them come alive on pillow cases is just crazy! Hope you love these abstract paint splash patterns as much as I do! Click to purchase 🙂 


Splitter Splatter


Winter Color Splash


Marble Marvel Emerald


Marble Marvel Deep Blue Blush

waves ultramarine pattern

This new pattern falls in the category of happy accidents, water colour and ink representing the waves of the ocean. Love these blue hues!


Waves Ultramarine


lots of pink patterns

Lots of pink in these four new patterns! Made with water colours and ink! Hope you like them!


Dreamy Clouds Coral Pink


Aurora Borealis


Water Color Flowers Jade Apricot


Happy Horse Pastel




90s throwback

This is the new 90s throwback neon pastel collection full of colourful patterns that are really suitable for kids apparel!


90s Throwback Neon Pastel Circles


90s Throwback Neon Pastel Abstract


90s Throwback Neon Pastel Blocks



New color ways

I realised three new color ways for my SpringFlowers pattern that I made a while ago. I love the bright and sunny colours, but am especially fan of the fig coloured one, I just love those colours! I ordered the fat quarters from Spoonflower on fleece, so I hope to make something warm and fuzzy with it. Can’t wait to see what they look like! 







Marble away

I love how the color and the textures of the watercolor came out in this new pattern. Can’t wait to see what this looks like on fabric!

Marble pattern | Lotta Lorier

Marble pattern | Lotta Lorier

Marble pattern | Lotta Lorier

Marble pattern | Lotta Lorier

Vintage Roses, new pattern

This is my newest pattern called Vintage Roses. These huge vintage flowers in black and cream would love to find their way unto your favorite chair or curtains! Now available on Spoonflower!
Vintage roses | Lotta Lorier

Vintage roses pattern | Lotta Lorier

Vintage roses pattern | Lotta Lorier

Vintage roses pattern | Lotta Lorier