cranberry iced tea mocktail


On one of the hottest days this year a friend ordered a version of this iced tea. Of course I had to taste it, after which I quickly ordered one for myself. I am totally in love with this refreshing mocktail. Since we are treated with a very nice late summer, I keep on making this refreshing drink for myself! It is really easy to make and there is lots of room for adding other flavors or even rum to make it a cocktail. I have tried several teas but find that green tea and nettle tea together with fresh herbs like mint, lemon balm and lemon verbena work very well with the taste of cranberry. 

Boiled water
Nettle tea or green tea
Fresh herbs like mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena
(munt, citroenmelisse, citroenverbena)
Cranberry juice (unsweetened)

Cranberry iced tea mocktail
Pour the – somewhat cooled down – boiled water into a glass bottle or jug, add two bags of nettle tea/green tea and fresh herbs and let it cool down completely in the fridge. Make the mocktail by adding 1/3 glas of iced tea, 1/3 of cranberry juice and 1/3 of ice. Enjoy! 

We have a very simple and inexpensive way of creating ice cubes. We just fill a container with water and set it in the freezer, with a knife we ‘chop’ the ice into ice cubes 🙂

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